Monday, October 4, 2010

On the 2nd day of Halloween my Witchy gave to me...

A morning of Vampire Movies!

I can't stand folding laundry. The only way it's tolerable is if I watch a DVD (well in my case VHS since we haven't replaced any of my vampire movies with DVD yet) while doing it. I'm not a big zombie fan, but when it comes to vampires, I get weak in the knees.

So I grabbed a few of my favorite Vampire movies to get me in the mood for Halloween!

My little mini movie marathon this morning includes:

Queen of the Damned (I love the soundtrack)
 The Lost Boys ("One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach, all the damn vampires.")
Interview with a Vampire

And because I can...

Laundry will definitely be folded by the time I finish one, maybe two of the movies in my little marathon. I can't guarantee much else will be though lol.

Happy Crafting!
~ K. Michele

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