Monday, September 20, 2010

Wedding Shoes

My cousin is getting married next month and was looking for something unique for her shoes. 
She emailed me last month saying "this is going to sound weird, but have you ever painted shoes". Hmm..painted shoes? Nope that'd be a new one to me. But I figured after a bit of research, I felt pretty confident I'd be able to pull it off.

Originally, she had wanted some sort of camouflage pattern on the shoes, but couldn't find one that she liked. Her second option, was an autumn theme with leaves. After a bit of emailing back and forth, we came up with something based on her guest book. I was given creative freedom being I am the only one in our whole family with any sort of creative bone in their body!

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We had a design, we needed the shoes. Ideally I would have liked to work on a simple shoe, but being that it was for my cousin, I left the ultimate decision to her and just went with the flow.

In the end, she went with a shoe she had fallen in love with. She emailed me a picture of the shoe she chose. I shrugged and said "What the heck.." and went for it.

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Her final dress fitting was this Wednesday so I knew I'd have to get cracking on if I wanted them to be done for her to pick up. Yay for the kiddo being in school all day so I'd have a chance to work on them in peace.

I absolutely love the paint that I used. I've never actually used a textile paint before, but seeing as I was painting some shoes and it had to be durable, I decided it had to be the good stuff. I used brown, goldenrod, olive green, white and a metallic burnt orange for a tiny bit of sparkle. I also used a colorless extender which lightened the paint just enough without having to water it down.

I was surprised how quickly the painting process went. I was expecting it take a few days. But it didn't actually. I was finished in a few hours.

Here they are!!

I made 2 different sized leaf stencils and sponged the paint on with a make up sponge (new of course). I emailed her a picture of her finished shoes this afternoon and she is excited! She loves how they turned out. My aunt and other cousin loved them as well. My dad made the comment "Hope you are prepared for people coming to you for painted shoes." 

I say bring 'em on!!

Happy Crafting!
~K. Michele


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