Friday, June 11, 2010

Craft: String Art

I love craft shows. A few years ago I used to watch all of the craft shows that were offered on DIYnetwork and HGTV. Last year I discovered that both networks had cut back on their craft shows drastically, as in almost non existent. Which is a total bummer because I had gotten so many ideas from those shows. Everything is now renovations, interior design, etc. Don't get me wrong, I like those shows too, but I do miss my craft shows.

My absolute favorite show that I used to watch all the time was called B. Original with Michele Beschen hosting. I loved this show and when I catch past episodes, I still watch them even if I have seen them before. Come on, who would have thought to make outdoor seating out of concrete blocks? Ok I would have eventually, but still. The ideas were very creative and easy to do. In one episode she showed how you can take the simple techniques used in string art to make a valance for your window (unfortunately I can't link to that episode because it's no longer available on DIY or HGTV).

So anyway a bit of a back story. I made these last year when we lived in our apartment. In our living room, we had a huge, HUGE window that went from wall to wall. The window was almost 10 feet in length and was about 6 feet wide. The only window treatment that we had were those boring white vertical blinds, which was great for blocking out the sunshine (which was needed during the summer with the afternoon sun). I loved the natural light (which is something I greatly miss being at my parent's house), but it lacked personality. I remembered the episode with the string art valance, but being that we were living in a rental opted for the rental friendly option. A long curtain rod, some picture frames, fishing line, eye hooks, yarn, nails and some stain glass paint, I had some pretty nifty window decorations.  (Ok so you'll have to take my word on that one. I'm still trying to track down the photo I took of it all up and hanging)
Forward a year later and a move. The same frames were sitting in their box. Not any more! It was time my boring new hallway get some "fancy" artwork.

These are just a few of the string art pieces. I have one sitting in our family room window (it was too heavy for my hooks). Some of the frames had their glass removed and used with other pieces, mainly the stain glass ones.

Pink and purple with beaded dragonfly


Yellow Fan


The non string art that hangs in our bedroom window

This one is in the window of the family room amongst the dragons and a few glass pieces

These were so simple to make and definitely add some interest to a normally plain wall and hallway. 

Happy Crafting!

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