Thursday, May 13, 2010

Reconstruction: Lamp shades

My craft space needed more light (honestly, my whole house could do with more light) and I was on a mission to get more light somehow.

And then the fateful day my mom decided to update some of her lamps with new lamp shades, I snagged the old ones pronto. It took me seconds to figure out what I was doing with one of the shades, the other one however, that took a few days.
For one shade, I was totally inspired by Andreann's lamp that she did. I knew the moment I saw it, that I wanted to do something similar. Of course me being eager to get started, I forgot to take a before picture of the lamp shade (doh!).
This is what it was similar too. It was black fabric pleated similar to the above photo. I don't like pleated lamp shades. The dust they collect, gross. So off comes the fabric and it looks so much better already, but I'm not done yet. Being that it was going to be in my craft space, I collected quotes and words that were creativity and art inspired.

And this is mine. I used some paint pens for the words (because permanent markers just weren't cutting it).
Here is it all lit up.

Then there was the second shade. Since it took was covered in fabric, it was going to be harder to tear the fabric off. But on the plus side, it wasn't a bad color and it wasn't pleated. Double bonus!

The lampshade. I thought "hey mod circles would be cool looking!" So my original plan was to paint circles over lapping. Like this but with circles...

I got one circle drawn on and then realized, I'm not a circle kind of girl lol. So I erased the circle and went with something I'm good at.

I drew the design (same design I've been drawing since high school) all around the lampshade. I then pulled out my craft paint and went to work.

I outlined everything in black paint and once that dried. I went in with some color. I love blue in all shades, so there was no question what color I was going to use to fill in.

I went back through with the black paint to clean up the lines a bit and hung it this morning. 

All three of my lamps

And of course I couldn't wait for dark to light them all up so...

I might lower then down a bit, but for now I'm happy where they are. And really happy with how they look together.

Happy Crafting!


  1. It's look good!! I did tons of tribal design in my teens as well ;)

  2. I don't draw the design as much as I used to, but it still pops up from time to time lol. The front of my guitar case is covered with it.


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