Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday Baking and Chullo Hats

After some small holiday shopping with my sister this morning, I had it in mind to make some cookies for TJ's holiday thing at school Wednesday. Well of course at the mention of home made cookies, I couldn't just make 1 dozen, I ended up making 9 dozen. And no sooner the phase "I'm making cookies" escapes my lips, I hear a certain someone pipe up from the living room, "I wanna help!" The next thing I know, I have a 4 year old dancing around the kitchen as if he's trying to conjour rain!! And because I had gotten a new digital camera, I was a bit camera happy taking pictures of everything! (I'll add the cookie recipe as soon as I get it typed up.)

First he had to help stir...

and stir...

Then it was some decorations on the cookies, twice as much into his mouth.

There they are! Boy were they yummy too!

What baking excursion would be complete with out the themed cookie? Well, maybe not themed, but at least it has a tree, candy canes and snowflakes lol.

After the baking, cleaning up and getting dinner made. It was time for crafting. I have finished the winter hats I was making for myself, hubby and TJ. They are a bit lumpy, but hey! I still like them! The pattern I used was by Green Pepper and I bought it at Joann's for $7.00 along with some fleece remanents to make the hats from. It was a pattern for a Chullo hat.

This pattern was so easy! I don't like technical sewing directions, but these directions were so easy to follow and the picture diagrams were easy to interpret as well. After sewing one hat, I was able to sew the other two hats without really consulting the directions, they were that easy to construct. I am definately going to be making more of these hats in the future.

Here is a group shot of all three hats. From left to right, mine is the floral, hubby's is the grey blue colored one, and TJ's is the darker blue. I give you my lovely assistant, Bob (and yes she is a bodyless styrofoam head, but shh she doesn't know!)

Bob showing off TJ's chullo.

Bob modeling hubby's chullo.

And last but not least, Bob showing off my chullo. Didn't she do a lovely job modelling all three hats? Nice job Bob!

Well, it's time to say good night. Tomorrow I finish my last gift that requires sewing and put a coat of sealer on a few ornaments.

Happy Crafting!
~K. Michele


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