Tuesday, October 13, 2009


What a crazy week it has been. And to top it all off, the house faeries have decided to play with the cord to my camera which makes uploading photos near to impossible. Good news though, Hubby purchased an external card reader so pictures are finally uploaded, YAY! Let's recap the last few weeks that have been absolutely busy.

Two weekends ago, the rainy weather broke to a warm, sun shiny Autumn day. It was the first weekend we didn't have any renovations or any other household projects planned. On a whim, I wanted to pick apples. It had been a while since I've been apple picking and up until that day Hubby had never been and it was going to be TJ's first time picking apples, so off we went.

It was a beautiful drive out to the apple orchard. We drove out to Lafayette, NY to Beak n Skiff. I had never been there, but if the sheriff directing traffic in and out of the parking lot was any indication, it was a very popular place. They had a lot of things for the kids to do from a pony ride, to face painting and sand art.

TJ loved the fact that we rode a tractor out into the orchard. He loved every bit of it. TJ picked the apples along the bottom of the tree, while daddy picked the apples off the top of the tree. What did I do? I made sure the apples went into the bags lol.

Is this not a gorgeous Mac? I love MacIntosh apples and was really excited when they were available to pick.

TJ had a ball. If it was left up to him, we would have come home with more than a bushel of apples.
He couldn't wait until we got home to dive right in and eat an apple right off the tree. He wasn't the only one, I enjoyed one myself :)

We came home with a bushel of MacIntosh apples and some fresh apple cider, yum! After getting home, I started in on my apple baking spree. I don't bake much, but it was fun! Goodies out of the oven included:

Apple Pie

Apple Crisp (of course that is what was left when I took the picture)

Apple Dumplings

My favorite thing that I made was chunky apple sauce! It was delish and totally my recipe! All that I did after I sliced and peeled the apples, threw them in a large pot on medium heat. Added about a quarter cup of water, sprinkled a light coating of cinnamon on top of the apples and about half as much nutmeg sprinkled. I stirred it all up, let it start to cook down and tasted it occasionally to see if it needed more cinnamon, nutmeg, or sugar. Since my family likes a bit of a tart sauce (which is great since I was using MacIntosh apples), I didn't add much as far as sugar. I just cooked it down until I got the consistency I was looking for (if you want a smoother applesauce, just cook it down longer). The family loves chunky applesauce =) Once you get the consistency and flavor you want, remove it from the stove, let it cool (or serve a few servings when it's warm, YUM) and store it in an airtight container in the fridge. I'm not sure how long it will stay good in the fridge, the sauce didn't last longer than a few days and I had made a lot of it lol.

Next year, I will have to try my hand at canning and can some of that apple sauce. It didn't last very long, that's for sure.

I am hoping in the next few days the weather will break a bit. There are herbs to harvest and leaves to rake. TJ has been itching to jump on the leaves. And to tell you the truth, I have to :)

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