Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rainy weather woes

Today is not a bright warm sunny day as I hoped it would be. These days it's filled with all kinds of home renovations and a lot of them. Between sanding my son's bedroom walls and getting them ready for painting, pulling down old drywall in mine and my husband's room for new studs and insulation (both of which were highly lacking in our room), stripping and refinishing new kitchen cabinets, it's a wonder I find time to draw or craft at all.

The air dry clay dried beautifully. The only down side is that it's really challenging to sand by hand. Until we get all our things from storage, including my dremel, sanding by hand is the way it's going to be. This afternoon or maybe tonight when all is quiet, I will be working hard at sanding the pieces to get them the right smoothness and shape that I desire to draw on.

Here's hoping when the drawing step arrives that the clay takes well to colored pencils and the sealer I had picked up to finish the pieces with doesn't get sticky and ruin the piece like some sealers I had tried in the past.

I hope they turn out as beautiful as they look in my head.

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